Welcome! On these pages, you will find information about the TECAID Project: its activities, participants, outcomes and resources.

TECAID’s Participants

Faculty, chairs, and staff from Mechanical Engineering departments across the U.S.—worked together intensively to gain the knowledge, skills, strategies, and awareness most relevant to advancing inclusion and diversity in the complex academic environment.

TECAID began in October 2014 and is still underway

  • The participant-engagement portion of the project is now complete.
  • The Project Team is currently developing project resources and dissemination materials to share significant project learnings, outputs, and outcomes.

I wish every ME faculty member in the US could attend this!

Our participation in TECAID provided us with tools and training to start working on diversity and inclusion. In hindsight, I realize that before TECAID I was severely lacking in the tools and knowledge for such a change. Now, a new world has been opened up for us, and I can see how this change can happen.

I make sure I tell people that this is not just a TECAID project; it is a long-term culture change. I want us to keep talking about these issues.

These topics are now part of my daily life. I cannot ignore them. That pretty much says it all.

These pages provide background information about the TECAID project. Additional project resources will be shared on this site as they become available.