TECAID Resources

TECAID project leaders are now working on numerous “outcomes-related” products to share with the greater Mechanical Engineering community. The overarching goal is sharing information that provides diversity, equity, and inclusion resources for ME faculty and staff members to employ in their departments. These resources aim to promote individual, departmental, and broader change.

Products will be posted as they are completed.

The TECAID Model

The TECAID model for preparing engineering faculty to lead department change for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) maps conceptual and programmatic processes for leading an academic change effort related to DEI. The model describes key components of the iterative process that TECAID participants experienced; it can be used by other engineering departments to help conceive of and understand how a DEI focused change process might work. The model shows the interconnection of processes that support the building of awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary for DEI transformation.

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Case Studies

TECAID Case Studies explore key arenas for planning and making departmental change related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Topics include: Working as a Team on DEI Issues, Gathering Strategic Information for Planning DEI Change, and Effectively Navigating Conflict while Engaging in DEI Change Efforts.

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Assorted Resources related to the TECAID Model

Within the TECAID Model are strategic curricular resources that can be used to help guide DEI change. TECAID participant teams used a number of these curricular resources during their TECAID professional development experience. Others have been identified or recommended by expert equity consultants.