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2014 Forum Workshops
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Forum Change Leader Workshops

Monday, June 9, 2014

Empowering Women and Allies by Challenging Biased Cultural “Norms” Through Academic Coaching

June 10, 2014 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Jennifer Groh, Suzanne Zurn-Birkhimer
Learn how to empower yourself/others to challenge biased cultural “norms” such as the “unwritten and unspoken images of ideal workers, strong leaders, and exemplary managers” .

Inherent in the structure of academic coaching is the engineering design process. Coaching moves from identification of a problem (e.g., gendered situations/barriers) to exploration of possible solutions with the person being coached and identification of a timeline and process for action, along with accountability measures and sharing of results. Participants will use what they have learned to practice coaching with fellow participants and devise their own problem scenarios through which to practice coaching. We will also review additional resources/techniques for participants to better engage with the person they are coaching, such as techniques for creating an environment of trust and brainstorming of solutions to the problem posed.

Developing a Research-Based Action Plan for Your Work With Girls and Women in Engineering

June 10, 2014 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Julie P Martin, Tricia Berry
Wish you knew more about the theoretical frameworks researchers use to study students’ enrollment, persistence, and career decisions in engineering, and how they relate to your own work? As a workshop participant, you will learn about relevant research/theories and develop a plan for incorporating them into your own practice.

Participants will have 3 key takeaways from this interactive workshop: 1) an introduction to theoretical frameworks pertaining to students’ enrollment, persistence, and career decisions in engineering from multiple fields; 2) examples of best practices using the theoretical frameworks; and 3) an action plan to incorporate appropriate frameworks and research into their own practice.

These two dynamic change leaders, facilitators and WEPAN past-presidents, Julie Martin and Tricia Berry, will leverage their combined expertise in engineering education research and leading best practices for girls and women in engineering. Thier experience will provide unique content and interactive experience for participants of this workshop.

More Forum Workshops

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
(9:30 - 11:00 a.m.)

Tools for Change in STEM
Joan C. Williams
Two factors have stalled women’s advancement in STEM: implicit bias and lack of family friendly policies. Mary Ann Mason, UC Berkeley and Joan C. Williams, UC Hastings have determined when and why women drop out of the pipeline and have developed tools to help retain women in STEM.        

Blueprints for Success: Structuring Institutional Support for Mentor Networks
Marie Garland, Stephanie Goodwin, Sharon Alestalo
Designed to assist those hoping to develop responsive mentoring programs for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students, workshop participants will use tools developed by the W.K. Kellogg foundation to develop a logic model and program plan that addresses the gender-based mentoring barriers in their own institutions or organizations.    

Creating a Culture of “Disruptive Innovation” Calls for Women

Bonita Banducci, Felicia Mayo
“We have to hire more women!”: Creating a culture of Disruptive Innovation with a purposeful intent for high Collective Intelligence, development of Growth Mindset, and driving performance with Honest Dialogue, requires Juniper Networks to hire more women and creates a work culture in which women and men flourish.   

Academic Success and Professional Development: Leveling the Playing Ground
Mary Anderson-Rowland, Armando A. Rodriguez
This workshop is for anyone interested in “Helping Women Engineering Students Succeed.”  The session is for program directors and college faculty and staff interested in the success of potential and actual STEM students, both transfers and non-transfers, especially first generation, rural, females, and underrepresented minority students with unmet financial need.      

Engaging Outreach: Three Examples
Tricia Berry, Rita Karl, Pinfan Lee, Yuwen Yang, Anny Tseng, Gabriela A. Gonzalez, Maria Reyes
Get creative and explore best practices and standards-aligned SciGirls curriculum designed to engage girls in STEM. Use conductive and insulating dough to sculpt circuits and light up creatures. Discover the SciGirls Seven strategies to engage girls in STEM and share strategies from your own experiences. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
(3:15 - 4:45p.m.)

What Are You Asking Me to Do?!: A “Speed-Networking” Session to Develop a Shared Vision and Actions for How Corporations and Universities can Work Together on Culture Change
Tricia Berry, Beverly Louie
In this interactive, speed-networking session, WEPAN’s corporate and university partners will discuss critical questions to collaborate on culture change. Participants will interact through fast-paced, small group break-outs and whole-group sharing.  Participants will take away new ideas for collaborations and for developing culture change within their institution or company.   

An Innovative Approach to Addressing Inclusive Language on Campus
Paige Smith, Amy Martin
Students frequently express feeling unwelcome on campus because of non-inclusive language. This session reviews components of a comprehensive campaign about why language matters. Participants engage in simulated classroom experiences demonstrating approaches to conversations around language and inclusion. Student Affairs and the School of Engineering brought this campaign to engineering classrooms. 

Changing the Culture: Micro-aggressions and Micro-affirmations
Kaitlyn J Bunker, Raven R Rebb, Laura E Brown, Leonard J Bohmann, Nilufer Onder, Gretchen L Hein
Throughout your career you may observe backlashes against policies that had started well. When things slowly and unnoticeably turn backwards, you may be experiencing the effects of micro-aggressions. This workshop will focus on micro-aggressions and micro-affirmations in the context of institutional policies.  The participants will collaborate to explore ways to affect change at their institutions.

Equitable Solutions for Retaining a Robust STEM Workforce: Beyond Best Practices
Donna J. Dean, Cynthia Simpson
Academic institutions must rethink the policies that are currently in place in order to make recruitment and retention of women in STEM more gender equitable.  This interactive workshop will focus on the well-researched best practices that are currently in place which can provide the basis for cultural change.   

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