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2016 Forum Track Three
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Track 3: Women of Color and White Women in Healthy, Equitable Engineering Environments

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Keynote Plenary Presentation


  1. Celebrating Difference at the Intersection of Race and Gender in Engineering

    Brenda Allen, Ph.D. 

    In our quest to value difference and diversity, we must be willing to explore matters of race and gender. Dr. Brenda Allen will deliver an inspirational and empowering keynote talk on the complex factors related to power, privilege, oppression and resistance that shape our culture and underpin women’s experiences in engineering and STEM. The interactive plenary will explore ways we engage with each other, including micromessages and affirmative interactions, and will focus on finding ways of building healthy, equitable spaces by considering practical guidance, strategies and techniques that support inclusive behaviors at the intersection of race and gender. 




  1. Creating Awareness of Inclusive Practices through Grassroots Initiatives

    Lora-Leigh Chrystal, Janice Crow 
  2. This workshop will guide participants towards developing personal skills and materials to address unconscious biases that can thwart the best intentions of faculty hiring committees to find and support diverse candidates. Participants will learn new strategies that can foster a more diverse and inclusive departmental culture.


  4. NAMEPA Best Practice Sharing 

    Virginia Lynn Booth Womack 
  5. The National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Advocates (NAMEPA, Inc.) will share best practices across five universities: Purdue, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Kansas State, and Arizona State. Focus on under-represented minority student recruitment, transition and retention in engineering will be discussed.


  7. Fixing the Culture Rather than the Women: What Will You Do on Monday Morning?

    Apriel K Hodari, Lily T Ko, Nuria Jaumot-Pascual, Maria (Mia) Ong 
  8. In this workshop, we will share findings from our research on successful women of color in engineering and facilitate program participants’ considerations of their own organizational contexts. Come prepared to address the question, “What will you do on Monday morning?” to re-vision engineering culture and engender success for all women.


  10. Building Student Identities for Engineering Success

    Carmen K Sidbury, Angelicque Tucker Blackmon 
  11. In this workshop we examine programs that have found innovative ways not only to engage students, providing them access to adults who exercise social persuasion, but also to include participation from the community. These programs and their leaders have developed a holistic approach to preparing and guiding students, particularly young women, through a trajectory leading to the successful pursuit of engineering/other STEM-related pathways.


  13. Society's "Macro-narratives" About Diversity in Engineering: A Critical Dialogue

    Julie P Martin, Walter C Lee, Donna Riley, Shannon K Stefl 
  14. This lively conversation will explore “macro-narratives”–that is, stories told by society–about women’s under-representation in engineering and the motivation to increase participation of women and other under-represented groups. We will critically compare these macro-narratives to our own personal “micro-narratives” that fuel our diversity work. Come listen, participate, and learn!


  16. Optimizing Intersectionality: Creating Authentic and Inclusive Spaces of Dialogue

    Nicole Nieto 
  17. This workshop focuses on creating spaces for authentic dialogue. Particular attention will be paid to understanding one’s social identities and how these identities impact one’s experiences. Social identities including gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and ability will be examined. Experiential activities for creating more inclusive cultures through dialogue will be utilized.


  19. Imagining Partnership: Women of Color and White Women Thriving Together in Engineering Environments – A World Café

    Joan Buccigrossi 
  20. Imagine partnerships between women of color and white women that ensure all thrive in an engineering environment. What would it take? How would we talk to one another? How would we support one another? First we must understand the experiences that each of us is having, as individuals and as part of a group. How are those experiences the same? How are they different? What gets in our way of being true partners to one another across our differences? The World Café provides an exciting, creative and secure environment in which to explore this topic. The Café dialogue will provides ideas for personal and group action planning. A graphic representation of the group’s dialogue will be available to all participants.


  22. ABET Diversity and Inclusion Committee Listening Session

    Kristen P. Constant 
  23. This is a listening session/conversation to discuss the role of accreditation, specifically ABET, in developing students who will contribute to an inclusive engineering culture that values and embraces diversity.


Hi-Five Presentations


  1. Creating a Welcoming Environment at National Conferences: The Mathematics Professional Societies' Joint Effort

    Jenna P. Carpenter 
  2. Effective strategies are needed to address the issue of sexual harassment at national conferences. The professional mathematics societies are implementing welcoming environment policies for meetings, at the urging of the Joint Committee on Women. This session reviews the history of this effort, as well as challenges encountered and best practices.


  4. Understanding Community Cultural Wealth for Engineering Students of Color

    Elizabeth Litzler, Cate Samuelson 
  5. Community cultural wealth is used to understand the success of students of color in engineering. We’ll present an overview of a study that explored types of community cultural wealth enlisted by African American and Latino engineering students, types of capital that contributed to student persistence and distinctions that emerged at the intersection of race and gender.. 


Showcase Participants


  1. Inclusive Excellence and Excellent Inclusion

    Raymonda Burgman
  2. Is it possible to meet today’s challenges with the methods we used yesterday? This is a salient question on any campus but especially those founded over 100 years ago. Many were not established to educate women. We’d like to share a simple exercise one can undertake to start practicing inclusive excellence.



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