2011 Forum Proceedings

A Pilot Study: On Exploring Twitter as a Data Collection Method for Use in an Ethnographic Study of 40 Young Girls Who Aspire to Become Women Engineers
Lily Gossage
California State University, Long Beach


Are Engineering and Computer Science Women Students Good Predictors of their Semester GPA?
Mary R. Anderson-Rowland
Arizona State University


Bottoms Up:What research tells us about mentoring millenials
David Porush


Breaking through Barriers- Campus Action Programs Panel Session
Mississippi University for Women/Mississippi State University/AAUW, Rochester Institute of Technology


Broadening Participation in STEM Programs through LSAMP
Sara Xayarath Hernandez
Cornell University


Building Foundations for Change:The Mini-grant Mechanism
Christina Leshko, Doreen Valentine
Rutgers University


Complementary Pair and Group Mentoring Programs for Undergraduate Women in Engineering
Jennifer L. Groh, Beth M. Holloway
Purdue University


Complicating Research on Gender & Ethnicity: The Perspectives on Equality Score (PES)
Mary Wyer, Jennifer Schneider & Sylvia Nassar-McMillan
North Carolina State University


Congruence Between Elements: Elements of the Collegiate Experience that Promote Undergraduates Interest In Engineering and Fit with ABET Accreditation Standards
Timothy Burrows, Elizabeth G. Creamer
Virginia Tech


Creating a Culture for Scholarly and Systematic Innovation in Engineering Education
Leah Jamieson, Jack Lohmann, et al.
Purdue University/Georgia Tech


Developing Interest in Engineering among High School Girls from Diverse Backgrounds – A Longitudinal View
M.Bruning, J.Bystydzienski, M. Eisenhart
Purdue University/Georgia Tech


Differences in Self-Efficacy: Is it Women or is it Engineering?
Denise Wilson, Jamie Shaffer*, and Leah Freed
University of Washington, *Micro Encoder Inc


Discovering Implications of the Academic Pathways Study for Women on Your Campus
Ken Yasuhara, Cynthia J. Atman, Jennifer Turns, Deborah Kilgore, Sheri D. Sheppard
University of Washington


Does Stereotype Threat + Image = Underrepresentation of Women?
Sapna Cheryan
University of Washington


Effectively Assign Student Groups by Applying Multiple User-prioritized Academic and Demographic Factors Using a New Open Source Program, GroupEng
Thomas G. Dimiduk, Kathryn C. Dimiduk
Harvard University/Cornell University


Effectiveness of Team-Based STEM Project Learning to Recruit Women High School Students to STEM
Jean Kampe, Douglas Oppliger, Valorie Troesch, Robert Warrington
Michigan Technological University


Engage Woman Engineering and Science Students by Improving Their Spatial Visualization Skills
Yaomin Dong
Kettering University


Engaging Men Faculty in Creating Equity for Women STEM Faculty in Academia
Sharon W. Alestalo, Keith Alford, Dan Cutler, Shobha Bhatia, Karin Ruhlandt-Senge
Syracuse University


Everyday Engineering: How to Run Your Own Summer Camp
Jodi Carville, Marca Lam
Rochester Institute of Technology


Exploring the Evolution and the Opportunities in Computing Technology (Panel)
Betsy Speare, Yvonne Harryman, Ani Babaian


Female and Male Engineering Students’ Personality Characterization of Successful Engineering Students, Engineers, and Themselves
Kathleen Casto, Bryant Chase, Olga Pierrakos, Robin Anderson
James Madison University


GIRLS ENGINEER MAINE: Engineering Awareness Days
Kathleen Casto, Bryant Chase, Olga Pierrakos, Robin Anderson
University of Maine


Improving Visibility, Impact, & Stability of Women in Engineering & Diversity Initiatives During Fiscally Stressful Times (Panel)
Mary Juhas, Susan Metz, Sheila Edwards Lange, Bev Louie
The Ohio State University/Stevens Institute of Technology/University of Colorado, Boulder University of Washington


Leading Transformation Through Sustaining and Enhancing Effective Team Performance
Denise Simmons
Clemson University


Lost in Transition: Transfer Women in STEM
Lora Leigh Chrystal
Iowa State University


Measuring Gendered Attitudes: Using the Implicit Association Test for Program Evaluation
Christina Leshko
Rutgers University


Mentoring and Networking Workshop for Junior Women Faculty in the Big Ten
Mary C. Juhas, Ellen Arruda, Naomi Chesler, Dawn Tilbury
The Ohio State University/University of Michigan/University of Wisconsin/University of Michigan


Online Tour: Using the WEPAN Knowledge Center to Make Your Job Easier!
Liz Litzler, Bev Louie, Judy Cordes
University of Washington/University of Colorado/Michigan State University


Partnering with University Faculty and Students to Design Engineering Outreach Sessions for Middle School Students
Velvet R. Fitzpatrick, Jennifer L. Groh, Beth M. Holloway
Purdue University


Reaching for the Stars:  An Effective Women-in-Engineering Outreach Collaborative Involving Engineering and Liberal Arts
Lily Gossage, Kim Vu
California State University, Long Beach


Reaching for the Stars:  An Effective Women-in-Engineering Outreach Collaborative Involving Engineering and Liberal Arts
Lily Gossage, Kim Vu
California State University, Long Beach


Talk to Me and ENGAGE: Improving Faculty-Student Interaction from Both Sides of the Fence
Diane Matt, Susan Metz
WEPAN/Stevens Institute of Technology


The Engineering 1000: Transforming the Culture and Learning from Day One
Ellen Momsen, Brett McFarlane, Mark Belson
Oregon State University


The Missing Link: Partnerships between Corporations and Academia
Dalene King


The Missing Link: Partnerships between Corporations and Academia
Dalene King


The Power and Peril of Transformative Communication in Enabling Progress in Diversity
Richard Grimmett
Brigham Young University - Idaho


The Role of Mentoring in the Careers of Women Engineering Deans
Peggy Layne
Virginia Tech


The Use of Program Reviews to Improve Women in Engineering Programs and Create Transformation
Tricia Berry, Beth Holloway, Bev Louie, Karen Zunkel
University of Texas at Austin, Purdue University, University of Colorado Boulder, Iowa State University


Understanding Advice Seeking Behavior of First-Year Engineering Women
Lorie Groll
Purdue University


Understanding Women’s Persistence in Engineering Careers
Romila Singh, Nadya Fouad
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Utilizing an Early Arrival Program as a Transition Vehicle for First-Year Women in Engineering
Sharnnia Artis, Glenda La Rue
The Ohio State University


Utilizing an NSF ADVANCE Grant as a Platform to Advance all Women Faculty and Graduate Students in STEM
Jenna P. Carpenter and Patrick O’Neal, Lori Bakken
Louisiana Tech, University of Wisconsin-Madison


What is Strategic Planning All About and Why is it Important to You?
Jean Frankel
Ideas for Action, LLC


Why do Women Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduates Persist in their Major?
Kaitlyn J. Bunker, Raven R. Rebb, Laura E. Brown, Gretchen L. Hein, Nilufer Onder
Michigan Technological University


Women in Nanotechnology (WIN): A Mentoring Case Study for Students in Community Colleges in the Chicago Region
Sarah Harlow Shirk,  Veronica Arreola, Manorama M. Khare
University of Illinois at Chicago


Women, Engineering and Factors for Success
Johanna Threm