2015 Forum Proceedings

A Showcase of Promising Applications: Inclusive Educator Award Recipients!
Margaret Ellis, Soumya Srivastava
Virginia Tech/University of Idaho


Developing Emotional Intelligence to Improve Performance in the Workplace
Nelda Clelland


Engineering GoldShirt Program: Promoting Success of Next Tier Women Engineering Students
Tanya Ennis, Beverly Louie, Amanda Parker
University of Colorado Boulder


Engineering Self-Efficacy: What it is, Why it Matters, and How to Encourage it!
Margaret Beier, Jack Lesko, Catherine Amelink
Rice University/Virginia Tech
Lessons Learned from a Year of “Girls Who Code” in a University Setting
Edyta Dudek
University of Illinois Chicago
Meaningful Collaborations by Valuing Differences in a Digital Age: An interactive workshop
Manjula Waldron, Kenneth Waldron, Tommy Lee Woon
Spatial Visualization Workshops for First-Year Engineering Students
Jacob Segil
University of Colorado Boulder
STEMming the Confidence Gap: Mitigating Social Judgment and Isolation
Pooja Sankar, Jessica Gilmartin, David Gries
Piazza, Cornell University
Successful Climate Initiatives at NSF ADVANCE Institutions: Best Practices from the Field
Susan Lord, Stephanie Goodwin, Susan Staffin-Metz, Canan Bilen-Green
The StratEGIC Toolkit: Strategies for Effecting Gender Equity and Institutional Change
How do you know if your program is achieving its goals? A skill-building workshop on program evaluation
Elizabeth Litzler
University of Washington