TECAID Clinic-ing

TECAID clinic-ing provided participant teams with project-tailored advice and an opportunity to integrate the tools presented in TECAID workshops. Each team had the opportunity to participate in two, 1-hour web-based “clinic-ing” sessions.

These clinic-ing sessions provided contact and interaction between the Subject Matter Expert Team (SMEs) and the five

  • Provide reassurance of “normal” project trajectories and team experiences.
  • Support realistic expectations for the pace and process of change.
  • Provide encouragement and perspective about successes and frustrations.
  • Gather information and suggestions relevant to planning a subsequent workshop.

Clinic-ing provided bridges between the workshops, the data feedback process, and the Virtual Learning Community (VLC) conversations—giving eachteam the opportunity to:

  • Discuss issues informed by and focused on the specific goals, team concerns, and departmental dynamics of that team
  • Integrate workshop materials in an applied manner
  • Troubleshoot specific challenges related to their project (e.g., planning a presentation to colleagues, dealing with resistance)
  • Get advice on strategies and needs not addressed in workshops (e.g., making better use of departmental staff to support the project)
  • Claim, appreciate, and integrate their success and achievements to date

TECAID Strategy

The biggest gain was perspective. Seemingly small victories can effect more change than we realize and all accomplishments should be appreciated. What appears to be a barrier might not be as insurmountable as it first appears and might even end up being a resource before all is said and done. Conflict doesn’t have to be a negative; on the contrary, it can help stimulate discussion and bring in viewpoints that hadn’t yet been considered.”

- TECAID Participant