Data Feedback

TECAID’s data feedback process provided individuals and teams an opportunity to reflect on goals and progress. This process involved using data collected from individual TECAID participants to inform TECAID team and project planning through feedback and interpretation from the Subject Matter Expert Team (SMEs). These activities provided both SMEs and teams with insight into the various perspectives and experiences of the teams and their individual members. 

Data was collected from individual TECAID participants in fall of 2015 and spring of 2016 on topics such as:

  • Ideas about specific change metrics
  • Concerns about challenges to project buy-in
  • Experiences with team dynamics and decision-making
  • Knowledge of campus diversity resources
  • Departmental frictions or divisions
  • Personal skills as a change leader
  • Project allies
  • Lessons learned from project steps that succeeded, and from those that failed

Tailored feedback based on this data was sent to each team, including:

  • Charts, graphs and analysis of a team’s own data, presented in aggregate form
  • Expert interpretations of the meaning and implications of these data for team and project success
  • Discussion questions and follow up tasks to facilitate use of this data

Overall, the Data Feedback process:

  • Helped teams clarify their intent and understand their change project better
  • Promoted more open and engaged team discussion informed by the thoughtful concerns and input of all individuals within a team
  • Identified cross-cutting themes, questions, concerns, and possibilities across change teams and projects
  • Informed the development of team resources and workshop design elements

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TECAID Strategy

We now have a path forward that takes into account each teammate’s highest priority.”

– N. Barr, Michigan Technological University

The experience focuses on changing the people involved (me and my team, in this case). With a better understanding of ourselves, along with concrete tools, we will now be able to tackle our change projects.” 

– M. Miller, Campbell University, formerly Michigan Technological University

TECAID gives you the foundational knowledge you need on diversity and inclusion issues in higher education.”

– R. Stone, Oregon State University