TECAID Virtual Learning Community (VLC)

TECAID’S Virtual Learning Community (VLC) gave teams the opportunity to network with one another and have access to subject matter experts (SMEs) on a monthly basis.

VLC meetings included participants from each department team , together with project leaders and members of the subject matter expert team. The VLC convened for web-based or in-person meetings from April 2015 through August 2016. The VLC brought department teams together as a cohort with similar goals, challenges and concerns. They exchanged experiences, provided feedback, shared successes, offered advice, and encouraged one another’s personal and team efforts.

VLC discussion topics were generated by participants and included:

Mechanical Engineering Department Projects for TECAID
Climate, Culture, Inclusion and Diversity
  • Campus climate re: events taking place on campuses around the country
  • Performing student and faculty climate studies: How are they developed and how can the results be used?
Leading Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Among Different Stakeholder Groups (students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.)
  • Timing of presentations for maximum impact
  • Dealing with resistance or lack of interest/concern
  • Managing updates, presentations, overload
  • Sharing successful activities
  • Reaching out to alums: Activities and responses
  • Building/continuing the momentum
Student-focused Inclusion and Diversity
  • Creating freshman orientation videos
  • Developing classroom diversity and inclusion presentations for students
  • Making curriculum changes and measuring learning outcomes
  • Student responses to department diversity and inclusion efforts
Change Leadership Skills
  • Conflict management styles
  • Time management and setting priorities
  • Assessing the impact of team and department efforts
  • Measuring success (metrics)

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TECAID Strategy

It is an excellent program and we have learned so much [about diversity, equity, & inclusion] strategies and techniques.”

– J. Yang, Texas Tech University

[I gained] an overall appreciation of how all of the teams have progressed. It was really nice to see how we've all done useful things. It was also like a 'reunion' of sorts... the entire group has turned into a 'class' it seems. I looked forward to seeing everyone not just to see our progress, but to see how everyone was doing, too. I feel invested in the other groups' change projects as much as I am in our own.”

– B. Gibbons, Oregon State University

TECAID is a program to learn about the methods, tools, and critical issues to help the participants develop a more inclusive and thus diverse environment for learning, teaching, and research for faculty, students, and staff in the workplace, particularly in the mechanical engineering departments.”

– C. Altan, University of Oklahoma.