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Strategic Plan

Purpose, Values, Vision


Core Purpose:

To propel higher education to increase the number and advance the prominence of diverse communities of women in engineering.

Core Values:


  • Knowledge of research, statistics, pedagogy, and practice relevant to women in engineering and STEM as a way to drive change


  • Collaboration draws on strengths from many sectors and is key to advancing women in engineering.


  • Inclusion of diverse communities of women improves the field of engineering itself.


  • Developing and influencing leadership is pivotal to advancing the success of women in engineering.


Envisioned Future

Big Audacious Goal: 50/50 by 2050


  • Engineering actively engages the leadership, contributions, interest and success of a diverse community of women and men.
  • Engineering education pursues and celebrates diversity at all levels as an essential contributor to innovation.
  • The demographics of engineering enrollment, graduates and engineering workforce will be representative of the US population in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity.

Role of WEPAN and its Members

  • WEPAN will be the first choice for faculty, leaders and staff in engineering schools for information and resources regarding outreach, recruitment, retention and graduation of women in engineering.
  • WEPAN will be known as an essential resource among corporate partners and diversity partners.
  • WEPAN members will advocate for women in engineering on campuses, within corporations, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations at all levels, and K-12 education from programmatic to state and national policy.
  • WEPAN members will constantly expand and share their knowledge of research-based issues and will implement best and promising interventions to promote the success of diverse communities of women in engineering.

Role of Engineering Schools

  • Engineering schools will be welcoming and inclusive in teaching, learning, academic and social climate and leadership for all students and faculty.
  • Engineering schools will work proactively to achieve the goals set out by Title IX.
  • Engineering schools will regard their WIE programs as essential contributors to the quality and success of engineering education, and will empower, support and fund a range of initiatives and student support programs to advance retention and diversity in engineering.
  • Engineering education will produce globally and culturally competent women and men engineers.

Role of Faculty and Academic Leadership

  • Faculty and leadership will actively embrace diversity and inclusion and will be accountable for creating a positive learning culture for all students.
  • Women engineering students and faculty will enjoy the full respect of their counterparts, colleagues, teaching assistants, and leaders.
  • Faculty, staff, students, leadership, and partners (all stakeholders) value and practice diversity and inclusion.

Role of WEPAN Corporate Partners

  • Corporate partners and engineering educators are actively engaged in aligning engineering school culture to support corporate needs for a diverse, globally competent workforce.
  • Academic leaders and corporate partners work hand-in-hand to identify, recruit, develop, retain and graduate highly diverse, excellent engineering talent.
  • Corporate partners have robust relationships with WEPAN member schools’ engineering diversity programs that enrich student experiences and create employment pathways.
  • Corporate partners will understand WEPAN’s role and advance its strategy with time, talent, and financial support.


Goals and Objectives 

1. Systemic Change

  • The systems, structures, processes, and culture in engineering higher education increasingly will promote the inclusion and success of diverse communities of women.
  • Inspire stakeholders to create meaningful, measurable systemic change to advance diversity in engineering
  • Advance the capacity and prominence of women in engineering initiatives in engineering schools and corporate settings.

2. Diversity Builds Excellence

  • Inclusion of women in engineering increasingly will be recognized as improving the quality of engineering itself, and as a result, there will be broader access, success and equity for diverse communities of women.
  • Expand the number and diversity of stakeholders who support WEPAN’s purpose. Attract more members and stakeholders who identify as racial and ethnic minorities and engage discipline and diversity societies and their members.
  • Improve efforts to broaden participation of racial/ethnic minority women in WEPAN leadership positions (committee chairs, conference committee, and board).

3. Knowledge Source

  • WEPAN will be a primary, reliable and respected source of research-based knowledge and practice relevant to advancing women in engineering and STEM.
  • Develop products that distill and translate knowledge for practice implementation, with a particular emphasis on resources, webinars and conference sessions about the double bind and diverse groups of women.
  • Expand the collection of knowledge in the WSKC related to women in STEM.
  • Organize the WSKC body of knowledge to enhance discovery.
  • Expand dissemination of contextualized knowledge about women in STEM to a broad audience.

4. Collaboration

  • WEPAN will effectively build successful relationships with an array of partners and stakeholders.
  • Maintain and strengthen current relationships and expand collaboration opportunities with engineering discipline and diversity societies.
  • Establish partnerships with non-profits with missions related to STEM education and women.
  • Engage new corporate partners in WEPAN’s purpose and strategy.


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