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2016 Forum Track One
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Track 1: Roles for Diversity Programs in Engineering Culture Change

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Keynote Plenary Panel


  1. Title IX and Women in Engineering

  2. Title IX is an important Frame 2 educational legal protection for women that goes far beyond athletics. The panel will help inform advocates for women engineering students about Title IX and harassment of women engineering students based on sex. Conversations will include how faculty, staff and administrators can help their engineering colleges become more aware of and prevent harassment based on sex, and how they can ensure their colleges remain compliant with Title IX. 




  1. Keys to Equipping Women for Success in Engineering and Computer Science

    Mary Ruth Anderson-Rowland
  2. A successful program to recruit, retain, and send on to graduate school will be presented for engineering and computer science students, especially underrepresented, women, and transfer students. Successful units of such a program will also be exchanged by audience members. This workshop should be helpful to both novice and expert participants.


  4. Including Disability in Diversity

    Brianna Blaser, Sheryl Burgstahler
  5. Discussions of diversity in engineering often gloss over, or altogether avoid, disability. This workshop considers challenges women with disabilities face and strategies for making engineering more welcoming and accessible to women with disabilities. Learn about integrating disability into climate surveys, universal design of instruction, and accessibility of labs and makerspaces.


  7. Making a Difference: Engineering Successful WIE Programs

    Jenna P. Carpenter, Tricia Berry, Beth Holloway
  8. Tricia Berry and Beth Holloway were practicing engineers who decided to combine their problem-solving skills with their love of mentoring to become (highly successful) WIE directors. Hear their stories, successes, and advice for engineering successful WIE programs, participate in Q&A and takeaway their “Top Ten” lists of tips and resources.


  10. AMP-UP: An Interactive Introduction to a Model for Change on a STEM-Dominant Campus

    Patricia Sotirin, Adrienne Minerick, Sonia Goltz 

    We describe a campus-wide change program involving faculty, staff, and administrators in a modified Continuous Improvement, data-driven process for moving our STEM-dominant campus through Frames 3 and 4. We detail how to develop this program, conduct an interactive demonstration, discuss the challenges and opportunities of this approach, and invite feedback.


  12. Creating a Coaching Culture in Engineering to Increase Student and Faculty Retention

    Jennifer Groh, Kristen Comfort, Jane Crewel

    Integrating a coaching approach within advising, supervising, mentoring, and teaching enhances educational and work environments, with minimal input of asking thought-provoking questions and using purposeful listening. Discussion within this Focused Conversation explores how a coaching approach positively impacts retention and success of underrepresented student and faculty populations.


  14. Diversifying Your Graduate Student Application Pool and Changing a College Culture in the Process

    La'Tonia Stiner-Jones

    Three years ago we created a prospective graduate student open house to enhance the diversity of our graduate student application, admission and enrollment pools. During the session, I will show you how we have grown the number of non-OSU attendees from 20 to over 80 and share the outcomes and drivers of our success. I will share takeaways to help you with your departmental, college, or institutional efforts.


  16. Helping You Measure Your Program’s Success: Best Practices in Evaluation Survey Development

    Elizabeth Litzler 

    In this session, you will learn best practices in evaluation survey development and use your new knowledge in a set of applied exercises. For even more impact, bring one of your evaluation surveys with you and we may review it!


  18. The AWEsome! Program at Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Heidi Ann Hahn, Barbara A Lynn 

    AWEsome! is a new career pipeline program for female undergraduate engineers. In this presentation, the Laboratory’s underutilization problem, and the rationale for AWEsome!’s potential to affect it, are described. Recruitment efforts, and results achieved, are discussed. A wrap-up includes capture of takeaways. Participants will provide feedback, insights, and advice throughout.


  20. Expanding the Pool: Collaborate to Recruit and Retain Women in Computing and Engineering

    Leisa Thompson, Michelle Slattery, Susan Metz, Emmy Christene-Koons Soyka 

    Representatives from NCWIT and ENGAGE will lead a focused discussion of methods for computing and engineering departments to work collaboratively to recruit and retain women students to their undergraduate majors. Case studies of successful initiatives will be provided. NCWIT will provide free recruitment and retention workbooks for all participants. 


Hi-Five Presentations


  1. Multi-Modal Spatial Visualization Workshop for First-Year Engineering Students: A Deeper Look

    Jacob Segil 

    Come take a deeper look at a multi-modal spatial visualization workshop for first-year engineering students. An example workshop along with detailed statistical results from three semesters of data will be provided in the fast-paced High-Five format.


    Student Contract to Promote Inclusion

    Allison Palmer, Sarah Miller 

    Learn how a student contract can create a stronger culture of inclusion. This presentation will discuss how the BOLD Center at CU Boulder reinvigorated student engagement of our engineering student societies and positively changed our Center’s climate by implementing a student contract.


    Scholarships! How to Do More with Less

    Amanda S Parker, Vanessa Dunn, Sarah Miller 

    At University of Colorado Boulder, our engineering diversity scholarship incorporates best practices for recruitment, retention and graduation, all woven together in a unique participation scholarship program. Our overall process, as well as our successes and challenges, will be shared in this presentation. 


Showcase Participants


  1. Development of STEM Identity in Undergraduate Female Students

    Priscila Pereira, Edyta Dudek, Edyta Dudek, Pauline Maki, Pauline Maki, Veronica Arreola 

    The UIC Women in Science and Engineering program (WISE) analyzed the conflicts between identity as a woman and views of a scientist or engineer of women STEM undergraduates. We describe interrelationships among identity, psychological well-being and STEM performance of WISE participants in comparison to non-WISE undergraduates.


  3. Women in Engineering, Mathematics and Science (EMS) Mentor Program

    Kim Sargent
  4. Strong relationships and a supportive network help the academic and social transition and persistence of female STEM students. Exposure to female mentors encourages a sense of belonging. This session will describe the Women in EMS Mentor Program and provide many ideas to use in your own mentor programs. 



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