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2016 Forum Track Two
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Track 2: Corporate and University Inclusion Initiatives

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Keynote Plenary Panel


  1. Corporations Speak: The Workplace Cultures Engineering Graduates Can Expect

    This panel will highlight what organizations such as Chevron and Thomson Reuters are doing to build inclusive cultures that retain all technical talent. They’ll share success stories as well as challenges in implementing change initiatives. This engaging plenary session will include dialogue about how colleges and corporations can work together to ensure graduates thrive and advance in today’s global, diverse and innovative workplace. 




  1. Engaging Young Women in the Corporate Environment

    Stephanie Martin 
  2. An open discussion between corporate and university partners about best practices in corporate recruiting, engagement, and retention of women in manufacturing and engineering roles. Can we apply the best principles used by universities to engage first- year students to engage first-time interns or young full-time engineers? Are there other similarities?


  4. Finding Top-Notch Diverse Talent - a Corporate Story of Leadership and Change

    Beverly Louie, Cynthia Murphy 
  5. This presentation highlights a corporate change process that addressed the issues that limited the ability to recruit and hire more diverse candidates. Chevron will address the key factors leading to a more centralized hiring process and the positive results towards increased inclusion across business units and in the hiring process.


  7. Penn State Engineering Mentoring for Internship Excellence (EMIX): Empowering Practitioners to Generate Strategic Partnerships and Catalyze Professional Success for Women Engineers

    Cheryl L. Knobloch 
  8. This interactive practitioner workshop showcases a successful model for collaboration between industry and academia yielding dynamic multifaceted outcomes and serving multiple audiences. Corporate partners strategically generate a pipeline for diverse technical talent optimizing likelihood for retention and advancement. Undergraduate students engage in dynamic experiential learning complemented by semester-long professional development.


  10. REACH for Commercialization: Inspiring Female Entrepreneurship

    Mary Juhas 
  11. REACH for Commercialization is a workshop series for women faculty inventors. Entrepreneurship remains a highly gendered endeavor. We address this gap with four workshop themes: Visioning Impact from Research; Learning the Landscape; Building a Team; and Understanding the Funding Lifecycle. Benefits of REACH are: interdisciplinary collaboration; exposure to campus leadership; helping the Technology Commercialization Office understand needs of female inventors; rewarding entrepreneurship.


  13. Models for Mentoring Females in Engineering: Creating A Sustained Interest in an Engineering Career

    Catherine Amelink 
  14. This session will share promising mentoring practices for the transition of undergraduate and graduate students into long-term engineering careers in industry or academia. Participants will have time to share program design, impact(s) of those programs, and the extent to which promising practices can be used to advance mentoring programs.


  16. Engaging Allies and Leveraging Partnerships to Increase Persistence of College Women in STEM

    Peggy Shadduck, Cherrie Fisher 
  17. The goal of this workshop is to identify barriers to educational persistence of women in STEM and discuss the essential role that community colleges, in partnership with universities, engineering employers, and professional organizations, can play in overcoming those barriers.


  19. Inclusion in Corporate R&D Environments: Amplifying Gender Differences for Business Growth

    Jose Mendez-Andino, Elaina Carpino 
  20. This conversation focuses on the fundamental role top R&D management and male employees play to effectively manage gender diversity within corporate R&D settings. Superior understanding of gender differences impacting technical workforces is required to design R&D environments that are appealing to a broader set of science and engineering talent.


  22. Bias Busting @ University Workshop – A Carnegie Mellon/Google Collaboration to Address Unconscious Bias

    Diana Marculescu, Carol Frieze, Gerry Katilius, Momin Malik 
  23. This BiasBusters @ University Workshop is a Carnegie Mellon/Google Collaboration to address unconscious bias and transfer the experience from a corporate to an academic environment. Join us for an introduction to the development of BiasBusters @ CMU with the goal of helping you start your own BiasBusters program at your home institution.


  25. Power Hours: A Format for Promoting Win-Win Engagement between Students and Professionals

    Beverly Louie 
  26. This interactive workshop will engage participants to understand and consider using the weekly, one-hour “Power Hour” format and topics that promote professional development and community building for students. Power Hours can enable corporate sponsors and industry professionals to engage in meaningful dialogues with students and support diversity and inclusion initiatives 


Showcase Participants


  1. Insights from IBM Women Executives and Tactical Ways to Support Diversity and Innovative Business

    Linda A. Zimmer, Lisa Gable 

    Learn how you can leverage IBM best practices and initiatives to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment and additionally leverage IBM tools/resources in university settings. Highlights include: IBM's Academic Initiative, Faculty Awards, Master the Mainframe Contest, Business Resource Groups, Diversity Recruitment Programs and Pathways for Experienced Technical Women.


  3. Cultivating Engineering Culture in a Global Environment

    Pinfan Lee  

    Engineer work could be tedious and boring, so to have fun at work is very important. How do we work, learn and grow at the same time? How do we feel being supported? These are goals of a good engineer culture.


  5. Corporate Service Corps: Valuing Diversity through International Assignment

    Jessica Eidem, Sara Willett, Dan Gateno  

    This session will feature several IBM employees who will share their experiences and explain the importance of global volunteerism and its impact on inclusion in the workplace. A recent partnership with Michelle Obama's Let Girls Learn initiative puts even more focus on inclusiveness and advancing women around the world.


  7. Retaining and Advancing Women Engineers through Mentoring and Networking

    Gönül Kaletunç 

    Retaining and advancing women engineers merits attention because 40 percent of women engineers quit by age 30. There is a need and opportunity to provide social and career management skills to women engineering students. I designed and implemented a unique mentoring program structured around a curriculum to address this need. 



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