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Partnership With WEPAN

Make a statement for your organization by supporting ours.  

WEPAN is the nation’s leading organization for advancing inclusive culture in engineering to promote innovation and business performance. Corporate Partners can receive customized services that leverage WEPAN’s national network of engineering colleges and its extensive gender and inclusion knowledge base to improve diversity of their workforce. 

WEPAN Provides You With Resources to Become a Leader in Inclusion and Diversity

A WEPAN partnership provides corporate partners the opportunity to enhance recruitment and retention initiatives and promote an organization-wide inclusive culture that values and encourages diversity.

During our 25 years of operation, WEPAN has become a trusted advisor to our corporate partners. WEPAN’s experts know how to create an inclusive culture that recruits and retains talented women engineers, propelling innovation and performance.

WEPAN’s extensive national network of professionals from 140 campuses guide the career preparation and selection of 44,000 (or 60% of all) U.S. women engineering students each year, preparing them for innovative practice and success in the workforce. WEPAN’s broad research-based knowledge about inclusive engineering cultures is a highly regarded resource for both academia and industry to build positive educational and workplace cultures and realize the benefits of diverse, creative and innovative thinking.

Of more than 80 U.S. engineering societies and only 10 student-focused engineering/STEM diversity societies, WEPAN is the only organization that works to improve the engineering college-to-workforce pipeline itself.  

Corporations who partner with WEPAN benefit in these three ways:

1.    Grow brand among those who influence student career pathways to position the company as a top aspiration of the nation's most promising engineering graduates.

2.    Build and strengthen working relationships with campus-based leaders in diverse engineering workforce development to create a robust pipeline of the brightest students representing America’s rich culture.

3.    Enhance organizational culture of diversity and inclusion to retain talent in engineering, and reap the benefit of your investment in the talented professionals you hire.

As a WEPAN partner, you will have the opportunity to grow your company’s brand, strengthen diversity recruitment and university engagement initiatives, and work strategically on creating a culture that breeds innovation. WEPAN's most prominent supporters can join the WEPAN Industry Network. Learn more here.


Show your commitment to diversity in engineering – become a WEPAN Corporate Partner.

To support WEPAN please contact:

Glenda La Rue
Phone: 614-893-2911
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