4 Key Strategies to Effective Communication

February 25, 2020
12:00 pm


One of the most important skills one can possess is the ability to effectively communicate, yet it is often the thing people struggle with the most, especially in the workplace.  Understanding the various styles of communication, and identifying the best way to interact with others can have a positive impact on results.  There are four key strategies that are important to utilize for interactions to be successful. In this webinar, participants will:

  • Increase awareness of individual communication tendencies and identify motivations to improve interactions
  • Discover strategies to manage unproductive tendencies when communicating
  • Review various types of communication and when to utilize each to achieve the best results
  • Learn four important strategies to improving communication with others and building effective relationships.

Available to WEPAN members only. Log-in required.
Available to WEPAN members only. Log-in required.


Kathy Sullivan, MA
Principal & Owner, Talent Principles

Kathy Sullivan, the owner of Talent Principles, has over twenty years of experience leading human resource teams, managing operations, and implementing organization-wide change initiatives. She has worked in a variety of industries including healthcare, high-tech, engineering and professional services within small and mid-sized companies. Kathy leads people, systems, processes and programs around the full employee life-cycle in order to attract, develop, retain and transition talent effectively. These efforts result in higher levels of productivity and employee engagement, improved organizational effectiveness, profitability, and increased customer satisfaction. Her expertise is in strategy development, business & human resource consulting, project management, process improvement, leadership coaching, group facilitation, and program development. She is a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing & Education.

Kathy values helping clients meet current and future business demands through implementing talent development strategies that align with business purpose. She is active in preparing the next generation workforce by developing students and faculty from various schools, teaching important skills and leadership capabilities as they get ready to begin their careers in an ever-changing business environment. 

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