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WEPAN Newsletter June 2024

June 27, 2024

ADVANCE EiSCC Materials Available in ARC Network Resource Library

Presentations, posters, and other conference materials from the 2024 ADVANCE Equity in STEM Community Convening have now been uploaded to the ARC Network Resource Library, thanks to ARC Network Librarian Bethany Farmer. You can also check out the presentations from previous years' convenings while you're there!

The ARC Network Resource Library, which can be accessed if you are an ARC Network member, also hosts the WEPAN Knowledge Center. Becoming an ARC Network member is free and takes just a few minutes, so if you haven't already, join today at


Save the Date for the 2025 ADVANCE EiSCC!

Mark your calendars! Next year's ADVANCE EiSCC will take place June 1-4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Advice for Creating Systemic Change in Engineering

WEPAN, the Women in Engineering ProActive Network, is the leading champion in North America for leveraging research and best practices to propel the inclusion of women in the field of engineering.

Creating change can be difficult, and the efforts of those who work to increase participation, retention, and success of women and other underrepresented groups in engineering can often feel like an uphill battle.

We asked our past presidents, all of whom have extensive experience in this field, a question: “What advice do you have for those seeking to create systemic change in engineering?” Read their answers at:

TIPA Webinar Series Now Available

WEPAN partnered with Qualcomm to host a webinar series exploring topics covered in The Inventor’s Patent Academy (TIPA, with each of the three webinars aligning with a TIPA module. TIPA, created in partnership by Qualcomm and Invent Together, is a free patent education course that supports historically underrepresented inventors in understanding patenting, intellectual property, and how to navigate the patenting system.

  • The first webinar, “Promoting Equitable Innovation,” featured four inventors who shared their patent successes and challenges as well as strategies, tools, and tips for navigating the patent journey, and is available to watch here.
  • The second webinar, “Understanding Patent Law,” covered the specifics of patents, patent rights, and duration, including the steps of applying for a patent and the professionals, such as patent attorneys and patent agents, who play a key role in the process, and is available to watch here.
  • The third webinar, "Working with the Patent Office," covered how to write claims, office actions and responses, and activities that occur after a patent issues, and is available to watch here.

WEPAN Listserv

Do you have something to tell the WEPAN community? Remember that subscription to the WEPAN-L listserv is a member benefit! Share announcements, post publication opportunities, and collaborate with colleagues from different institutions and organizations on special projects.

To subscribe to the WEPAN-L listserv, visit:


Publications, reports, or communications relevant to women in engineering and STEM equity. All resources listed below are available in the ARC Network online resource library. If you need help accessing the library, please contact ARC Librarian Bethany Farmer at  

  • "Changing the Conversation: Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineering" by the NAE

"Can the United States continue to lead the world in innovation? The answer may hinge in part on how well the public understands engineering, a key component of the 'innovation engine'. A related concern is how to encourage young people--particularly girls and under-represented minorities--to consider engineering as a career option. Changing the Conversation provides actionable strategies and market-tested messages for presenting a richer, more positive image of engineering. This book presents and discusses in detail market research about what the public finds most appealing about engineering--as well as what turns the public off."

ARC Network

Funded by the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Program, Awards HRD-2121468 and HRD-1740860, the ADVANCE Resource and Coordination (ARC) Network seeks to achieve gender equity for faculty in higher education science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. WEPAN serves as the backbone organization of the ARC Network.

Virtual Visiting Scholar Applications Opening Soon

The ARC Network Virtual Visiting Scholars will soon open applications for its seventh cohort!

Each year, the ARC Network selects two to four Virtual Visiting Scholars to conduct research on existing or emerging themes from scholarly literature on gender equity in STEM workplaces.

Virtual Visiting Scholars employ qualitative and/or quantitative meta-analytic and meta-synthesis techniques to identify best practices, structural barriers, or other larger themes from existing literature. Research also incorporates considerations of diversity and inclusion from an intersectional and systemic perspective.

Virtual Visiting Scholars will be expected to work independently at locations of their choosing. The ARC Network will provide a stipend for one year of $20,000, provided as direct payments to the Scholar, not to an institution. Scholars with master's degrees (or the equivalent) will be welcome to apply!

More information about the program can be found here.

Institutional WEPAN Membership

Want to encourage your institution to deepen its commitment to equity and excellence?

Consider becoming an Institutional Champion Member. At this membership level, institutions have unlimited member representatives who get to dive into critical diversity, equity, and inclusion issues through custom workshops. These members also get the opportunity to strengthen their inclusive leadership capacity as part of the Equity and Excellence Council. Additional Institutional Champion member benefits include:

  • Professional Development
  • Decades of resources in the WEPAN Knowledge Center
  • Professional development webinars, including one featuring an invited speaker from your institution
  • Free and discounted workshops, including one customized for your institution
  • Free and discounted access to WEPAN’s Program Days
  • Three annual convening registrations
  • Communication & Networking
  • WEPAN-L listserv
  • Slack
  • WEPAN member directory
  • Social media spotlights of your institution
  • Workforce
  • Free and discounted job postings for your institution in WEPAN’s Career Center

For more information on how to become a WEPAN Institutional Member, please email

WEPAN Slack Channel

Please join us on Slack to drive that connectivity across our membership during a critical time for connection. Join our Slack community today!

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