Corporate Partners

WEPAN is the nation’s foremost network dedicated to advancing cultures of inclusion and diversity in engineering workplaces.

WEPAN is fueled by leaders, advocates and supporters from nearly 200 universities, colleges, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and non-profit organizations working for sustainable, systemic impact.

Benefits to WEPAN Partnership

WEPAN is driven by the conviction that creating academic cultures for students, faculty and staff that promote inclusion and diversity is a critical stepping stone to meeting the demands for a global, innovative workforce.

WEPAN partnerships offer your organization the following:

Unparalleled resources and professional development

Gain access to professional development and online communities for your employees to learn about promising and proven research-based practices for creating diverse and inclusive cultures.

Access to experts and a peer community

In addition to WEPAN resources and trainings, partners benefit from additional opportunities to connect and collaborate at WEPAN signature events and conferences where they can develop professional contacts with leading thinkers, advocates and supporters of gender diversity in engineering.

Increased visibility as a leader in diversity and inclusion

Grow your organization's brand as a leader in diversity and inclusion in engineering, and contribute to the collective effort of shaping tomorrow's workforce to meet the needs of a global and innovative workplace.

Become a WEPAN Partner

WEPAN has multiple levels of engagement available for corporate partners.

Corporate Champions

Transformation of engineering culture is a key strategy for recruiting, retaining, and advancing talent - from undergraduate engineering education through executive leadership.

WEPAN works with its network of industry partners to build inclusive workplaces that embrace diversity of all types, ultimately driving innovation and delivering competitive advantage.

Partnership Levels

  • Visionary available for $50,000/year
  • Catalyst available for $20,000/year
  • Change Agent available for $10,000/year

Additional Partners Levels

Corporate partners gain access to a national community of like-minded leaders and experts. WEPAN’s body of knowledge and network of experts can help your company implement effective, research-based strategies that advance your inclusion and diversity vision.

Partnership Levels

  • Activator available for $5,000/year
  • Motivator available for $2,500/year
  • Advocate available for $1,250/year

Partnership Case Studies

Here's what some of our partners are saying:

“It brings immense value to any college of engineering, and  other universities and two-year institutions can benefit from WEPAN’s knowledge base to create programs and practices to enhance their own campuses.”

Shawna Fletcher

Director, Women in Engineering, Texas A&M University

“Through membership, we can communicate with different universities to promote programming and exchange ideas, share open positions, and learn about conference and workshop opportunities. The chance to utilize these resources is invaluable.”

Gregory Diggs-Yang

OAI Assistant Director, University of California, Irvine

“By leveraging efforts from women-focused programs and minority-focused programs, we become more powerful and robust in what we can offer our students.”

Lisa Barclay

Assistant Dean and Chief Diversity Officer for the College of Engineering, Company name

As a faculty member, I can help the students in my classroom, but as dean, I’m hopefully creating programs and effecting change that will help the college’s students and faculty as a whole.”

Lance C. Pérez

Dean, College of Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Become a WEPAN
Corporate Partner

WEPAN is the nation’s foremost network dedicated to advancing cultures of inclusion and diversity in engineering higher education.

Apply for the Corporate Champions Program

We invite you to join our network of Corporate Champions and take full advantage of all that partnership offers.

Additional Partnership Levels

  • Activator available for $5,000/year
  • Motivator available for $2,500/year
  • Advocate available for $1,250/year
Networking opportunities
Access to WEPAN Webinar Series and Archive
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Access to WEPAN Career Center
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Access to WEPAN-L Listserv
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about WEPAN Corporate Partnerships

What is the cost to participate in the partnership program?

WEPAN has multiple levels of engagement for institutional partners. The annual partnership fees are listed below by level. Compare of partner benefits by viewing our partnership levels benefits chart.

- Visionary Corporate Champions ($50,000/year*)
- Catalyst Corporate Champions ($20,000/year*)
- Change Agent Corporate Champions ($10,000/year*)
- Activator ($5,000/year*)
- Motivator ($2,500/year*)
- Advocate ($1,250/year*)

*Annual fees are subject to change.

Which level is right for my company?

The Corporate Champions program is intended for those organizations working toward advancing cultures of inclusion and diversity in engineering workplaces and are committed to sustainable, systemic impact. Corporate Champions can anticipate higher levels of engagement at WEPAN signature conferences and events, leadership opportunities, and customized support.

Partnership though our Activator, Motivator, and Advocate levels focused on building foundational knowledge in building cultures of inclusion and diversity in engineering. If you would like help deciding on the best level of partnership for your organization, reach out to us.

How do I apply for the Corporate Champions program and what is the process like?

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Champion at the Visionary, Catalyst, or Change Agent level, we encourage you to complete our interest form. If your organization is a good fit for the program, you will be invited to apply.

Once your application has been received, WEPAN staff will review your application and get in touch with you to discuss your partnership. Once accepted, you'll pay the annual fee, and we'll begin your organization's onboarding process to give you access to your partnership benefits.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you're interested in learning more about WEPAN corporate partnerships, complete our interest form and someone on our team will reach out to you.

Have more questions? Get in touch.

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