Joint WEPAN and ARC Network Webinar Series: Intersectionality, International Faculty and Inclusive Excellence

May 19, 2021
12:00 pm


ARC Network

This session presented some of the findings based on interviews and focus groups concerning the perceptions of international faculty and panel speakers encouraging the importance of inclusive excellence in academia. 

Globalization and the transnational flow of faculty from international backgrounds have significantly added to the diversity and complexity of academia. International faculty bring a diversity of ideas to academia, as well as cultural values concerning gender and race from their countries of origin that may not be aligned with U.S. goals to increase the number of women in STEM. At FIU, many STEM faculty are Asian, Middle Eastern, or Eastern European men. Preliminary findings suggest that international STEM men faculty did not endorse the importance of hiring women and underrepresented groups much as U.S.-born men did. Departments with a greater proportion of foreign-born men also had fewer women faculty than departments with more U.S.-born men faculty.

This research suggests: (a) that the demographic characteristics of departmental faculty may pose a possible barrier to hiring and retaining women of color in STEM, and (b) that ADVANCE communities should take into account and address the intersectionality of international men faculty when offering programming.



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Available to WEPAN members only. Log-in required.


Suzanna Rose

Dr. Suzanna Rose  is the founding Associate Provost for the Office to Advance Women, Equity and Diversity and Professor of Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies at Florida International University. Rose is the lead investigator for FIU’s NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation grant. A specific focus of the grant concerns exploring intersectional issues concerning engaging international faculty in ADVANCE work.

Jason Liu

Dr. Jason Liu is the Interim Director and a University Eminent Scholar Chaired Professor at the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University (FIU). Dr. Liu’s research focuses on modeling and simulation, parallel discrete-event simulation, performance modeling and simulation of computer systems and computer networks.

Sanaz Farhangi

Dr. Sanaz Farhangi is a Research Assistant Professor at Florida International University. As part of FIU AWED, she leads the execution of research on the Bystander Leadership Program. With a commitment to social justice and equity, she brings the worlds of science, engineering, curriculum development, and educational assessment together to support educators and students of all walks of life to realize their passion and purpose.

Sharan Ramaswamy

Dr. Sharan Ramaswamy joined the BME department at Florida International University (FIU) in December 2009 as an Assistant Professor. He is currently a tenured Associate Professor at FIU. His research expertise is in the areas of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine, Mechanobiology, and Mechanics. He directs the Cardiovascular Therapeutics Laboratory (CV-PEUTICS LAB) at FIU. Dr. Ramaswamy currently serves as a Faculty Fellow for the Office to Advance Women, Equity and Diversity (AWED) at FIU.

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