Graduating to a Pay Gap

February 21, 2013
12:00 pm


AAUW's released, a study, Graduating to a Pay Gap shows that engineering is an "equal pay" field! There is no significant difference in the pay received by men and women working as engineers one year after graduation. However, ONLY 39% of women who graduate as engineers enter the engineering workforce--compared with 57% of male engineering grads.Hear a full review of the Pay Gap study as well discussion of the steps employers, policy-makers, and individuals can take to achieve pay equity for women in the workforce.



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Available to WEPAN members only. Log-in required.


Lisa Maatz
Director, Public Policy and Government Relation

Lisa Maatz, Director, Public Policy and Government Relations

As AAUW's top policy adviser, Maatz works to advance AAUW's priority issues in our nation's capital. She is a sought-after speaker across the nation and in our nation's capital, and has a large and devoted following on Twitter. Maatz has a reputation for her strategic approach to legislation and advocacy.

Christianne Corbett
Senior Researcher

Christianne Corbett, Senior Researcher
Corbett is a Senior Researcher at the AAUW where her focus is gender equity in education and the workplace. She holds a master's degree in cultural anthropology and bachelor's degrees in government and aerospace engineering. Prior to coming to AAUW, she worked on Capitol Hill as a legislative fellow and worked as a mechanical design engineer for eight years.

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