WEPAN Accelerator Program

Thursday, August 18, 11am-6pm ET and Friday, August 19, 10am-6pm ET

Are you a woman in STEM? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start your own business or commercialize your research? Want to make a social impact with your STEM work?

2021 winner of the Small Business Administration’s Growth Accelerator Fund Competition, the WEPAN Accelerator program is hosting a two-day workshop all about STEM entrepreneurship just for you!

Register today to learn how to set your vision, understand your customers, develop your business model, connect with mentors, make your pitch, and more!
Day 1: August 18, 2022
11:00-11:20am ET
Welcome, Introductions, & Expectations
11:20-11:40am ET
Who’s in the Workshop?
11:40am - 12:40pm ET
Getting Clear on Your Values, Vision, & Impact
12:40-1:00pm ET
1:00-1:30pm ET
Defining the Problem
1:30-2:30pm ET
Understanding Your Customers
2:30-3:10pm ET
Crafting Your Solution
3:10-3:30pm ET
3:30-5:00pm ET
Claiming Your Power: Tools for Advocating for Gender and Racial Equity as an Entrepreneur
5:00-5:45pm ET
Creating Your Elevator Pitch
5:45-6:00pm ET
Wrap Up and Overview of Day 2
Day 2: August 19, 2022
10:00-11:00am ET
OPTIONAL Office Hours
11:00-11:10am ET
Welcome Back!
11:10am-12:00pm ET
Value Proposition Hypothesis & Testing Your Assumptions
12:00-12:20pm ET
Developing Your Business Model & Demonstrating Your Traction
12:20-12:50pm ET
12:50-2:20pm ET
Mentor Mixer
2:20-2:50pm ET
2:50-4:30pm ET
Making Your Pitch
4:30pm ET
Pitch Deck Slides Due
4:30-5:00pm ET
Pitch Rehearsal
5:00-6:00pm ET
Pitch Event
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