WEPAN-L Guidelines

Instructions for using the WEPAN-L Email Discussion List

WEPAN maintains an email discussion list to which all members are added. WEPAN-L permits postings by WEPAN members only, and postings require approval of the discussion list administrator.

Benefits of WEPAN-L

WEPAN-L is a great way for members to reach out to each other to share information, get guidance from others, find resources, and build connections with peers across the country. Please use it to build your network of advocates for inclusion, diversity, and women in engineering! WEPAN-L is used by members to engage in dialogue about topics of general interest to WEPAN members. We encourage WEPAN members to use WEPAN-L for:

  • Sharing relevant, current publications and issues related to the mission and goals of WEPAN
  • Seeking guidance or resources from the network about a topic related to inclusion and diversity
  • Academic student opportunities such as grant-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates or Graduates

Sending to the Discussion List

Subscribe to WEPAN-L at this link.

Once subscribed, members can post by sending an E-mail to WEPAN-L@purdue.edu.

After it is reviewed by the list administrator, it will be sent to all current WEPAN members.

Usage Guidelines

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting to WEPAN-L:

  • Be sure to include a descriptive subject line to avoid being filtered as spam.
  • Personal replies should be directed to specific individuals rather than to the listserv address. To do this, simply cut and paste the sender’s e-mail address when replying rather than hitting the “Reply” button which sends the response to the entire list.
  • It is appropriate to reply to the listserv address with responses to questions and discussion topics, as these may be of interest to the entire list.
  • Be courteous and respectful to other members.
  • WEPAN-L may not be used for the solicitation, promotion, or sales of commercial products or services.
  • Please avoid postings which have the potential to be provocative (issues unrelated to engineering and the related sciences; political content unrelated to engineering and the related sciences; religious content)
  • While WEPAN-L now accepts job postings from members, we encourage members to use the WEPAN Career Center (tab is accessible directly from the WEPAN website) to help get your opportunity out to a much wider audience. Members and job seekers gain the following benefits from our Career Center:
  • Advanced job search capability
  • Customized email job alerts
  • Profile management and resume upload
  • Easily apply online
  • Posting discounts for all WEPAN members
  • Affordable, customized posting and advertising packages with easy payment options
  • Access to highly qualified candidates
  • Searchable resume database
  • Member job posts on WEPAN's Career Center highlighted in a bi-weekly digest sent through WEPAN-L.

For assistance with or questions about WEPAN-L, please contact the list administrator.

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