The ADVANCE, INCLUDES, & I-Corps Inclusion Collective

The ADVANCE, INCLUDES, & I-Corps Inclusion Collective is working with I-Corps programs to bridge diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and entrepreneurship knowledge and practice between the three NSF programs. The project is funded by the NSF I-Corps program and is a partnership between the University of Toledo, Purdue University, Michigan Technological University, New Mexico State University, Hexalign, Honeycomb Works, and WEPAN. Together with a team of consultants, including those from the NSF ADVANCE and INCLUDES communities, the project engages the I-Corps community in evidence-based change initiatives. Using a software tool and DEI audit framework, the team performs DEI audits, systemic and individual change action planning, and implementation cycles with I-Corps institutions, including the Hubs. Along the way, ADVANCE and INCLUDES team members also gain insight into entrepreneurial pathways for sustaining their DEI efforts beyond the life of their NSF grants.

National Science Foundation Grant No. 1937340

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